Mandarin Chinese Classes in Johannesburg

Looking for Mandarin Chinese Classes in Johannesburg? Access China’s Mandarin Chinese Classes are business-oriented and offer a powerful and structured approach to learning the Mandarin Chinese language.

Access China is the only Mandarin Chinese learning institution in Johannesburg that caters exclusively to interested adults including company directors, business executives, industrialists, bankers, commodity traders, entrepreneurs, and those that plan to visit or travel within the People’s Republic of China.

Our focus is exclusively on the more serious adult learner who maintains a keen interest in China and likely has some interaction with Chinese people. For this reason we regret that we are unable to enrol young children or school learners in our Johannesburg-based Mandarin Chinese classes.

Access China has a well-established student base and runs Mandarin Chinese classes throughout the year. Our dedicated Mandarin Chinese classes in Johannesburg aim to equip South African business people with at least basic proficiency, so that they may forge closer links with their counterparts in China.

In the normal course of events, Johannesburg-based business people wishing to learn Mandarin Chinese, the official language of China, would have to travel to the People’s Republic to do so. Now you can do so right here in the heart of Johannesburg.

Access China provides you with the unique opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese in Sandton.

Access China’s senior teachers are fluent native-speakers of standard Mandarin, or putonghua (common speech), as it is known in China.

Our teachers will take you through pinyin and the other basic building blocks of Mandarin Chinese, helping you to master this fascinating language.

Mandarin Chinese learning poses a significant challenge for Westerners who are likely more familiar with the African or Indo-European language families. It is therefore our firm belief that attendance of regular classes is essential to mastering the Chinese language.

Learning Mandarin Chinese outside the environment of formal lessons or classes is a task of Herculean proportions. To effectively learn Mandarin Chinese it is recommended that you join proper classes and follow the guidance of a Chinese teacher from China who is a native-speaker of standard Mandarin and is competent, motivated and dedicated. In reality, it is doubtful that Westerners could adequately learn Mandarin Chinese from audio lessons alone, despite misleading marketing promises to the contrary.

Audio lessons are of course a useful learning aid, but can never replace the discipline and complex interaction of regular classes. It is our view that contact lessons in the classroom environment are far more conducive to steady progress than online sessions or home visits.