Mandarin Chinese Courses

Our systematic Mandarin Chinese courses place emphasis on the comprehensive and integrated training of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We aim to develop the learner’s communicative ability in Mandarin Chinese by teaching language structure, function and related cultural knowledge.

Our courses are specifically aimed at the busy business professional who doesn’t have any background in the Mandarin Chinese language. The optimum size of our classes is between four and eight students. To ensure that the concentration of our students doesn’t waver, we limit our classes to two hours in duration.

At present, Access China’s regular Mandarin Chinese courses are held on the weekend, so as not to interfere with the normal working week. We are also engaged in a range of corporate Mandarin Chinese training programmes on behalf of international and Johannesburg-based companies that regularly conduct business with China. Further information on our corporate Mandarin Chinese classes is available by special request.

Should you decide to join our Mandarin Chinese courses in Johannesburg, we will provide you with all the necessary instructional materials. Access China uses the latest course books published by mainland China’s highly regarded Beijing Language and Culture University, which are approved by the International Chinese Language Council (Hanban). These Chinese course books are specifically aimed at non-native speakers with no background in the Mandarin Chinese language.

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