Key Success Factors for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese Language Specialists

We are intimately involved in all aspects of mainland Chinese business and culture. Prospective students should note that we are Mandarin Chinese language specialists rather than linguistic generalists. We are focused solely on teaching the Mandarin Chinese language. Hence, we are proud to stand apart from general language schools that offer an A to Z portfolio of the world’s languages.

Applied not Academic

Our Mandarin Chinese language courses are geared for the real world of business and commerce rather than the halls of academia. We enjoy a tremendously high success rate, provided that students are serious about studying the Mandarin Chinese language and make an effort to attend lessons and classes on a regular basis.

All Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Levels

To ensure that our students have continuity in their Mandarin Chinese studies, we cater to all levels of Mandarin Chinese proficiency from the zero beginner to advanced.

Standard Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation

Prospective students should note that we teach the standard Mandarin Chinese of the People’s Republic of China. Consequently, our native-speaking Chinese instructors hail from northern China, with the intention of granting our students exposure to the standard Mandarin Chinese pronunciation of Beijing, which serves as the ultimate benchmark in pronunciation.

Focused Mandarin Chinese Classes

Our Mandarin Chinese classes are restricted to a maximum number of eight delegates per group to ensure that participants enjoy access to personalised tutoring.